You did it, you solved it!!

June 15, 2009
That was super easy right Bryan?? I googled it and its the first search result: Roscoe, NY!!

Roscoe calls itself the "Trout Town, USA." The town is a destination for fly-fishing enthusiasts because of its location at the intersection of two rivers popular for trout fishing (the Beaverkill and the Willowemoc). In 1789 Roscoe was called Westfield Flats.It was the home of the Delaware Indians, where panthers and wolves roamed freely. Roscoe like most of the Catskills was part of the Hardenbergh Patent in the early 1700s which in turn was purchased by the last Lord of the Manor of Livingston Manor Robert Livingston. The first settlers were brothers Luther and Jehiel Stewart who bought the area around Roscoe from Livingston's son Jonathan Livingston. Stewart Street is one of the community's main streets. During the construction of New York State Route 17 (Southern Tier Expressway), the section near Roscoe was one of the last to be completed, requiring travelers to exit onto the local trunk roads for several miles.

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BURAOT said...

hello there. i got your message. is it really your correct email address? i'm not sure so i'll just put my reply here if you won't mind.

regarding the entredropper system, as a requirement that i believe is fair, i only ask others to put up my link/badge for them to be included on the lists. i try to check the lists once in a while.

if i find no entrecard widget, i contact the owner and wait for their reply. originaly they have, hence i will not include them on the lists. some i found no link or badge anywhere. i don't take them out right away as long as they have entrecard widget. i'll wait until 30 batches have been filled before i take them out.

placement of links as i have said is a "first come first serve basis". all have been filled, from batch 1 thru 28. so if somebody would ask to be included, they will be placed on batch 29. Until i fill the 30 batches.

however, since you requested, i will look for those other sites you mentioned that are duplicates, etc.. and put replace your site on a lower batch number.


BURAOT said...

hi Matt. just wanna let you know that i have made room for you on Batch #3.