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June 16, 2009
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I told my teacher silly people are smart too, boy was I right! My pockets are hemorrhaging money, will you be tissue and sop it up? Or maybe this isn't for you, maybe your role is in front of a camera? Give it your best shot and well reward you with $100!! Dont waste time answering this as its really "ducking" easy!!

Riddle location - home of one of the oldest surviving X in Y Z

  • X = occurs when one/more persons, isolated in time/space, present themselves to another/others - Bernard Beckerman
  • Y = upscale shopping mall in downtown White Plains, New York
  • Z = A division within a state, usually encompassing one or more cities or towns.
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Bhubbell said...

OK, I'm going with Tarrytown, NY, one-time home to the Maxwell-Briscoe Company. A surviving restored 1907 Maxwell exists in somewhere in the Catskills. Also, Tarrytown is home of the Tarrytown Music Hall, the oldest surviving theater (thank you Mr. Beckerman) in Westchester County.

Roxy VR said...

Tarrytown, NY, 20 miles north of NYC.

wellwritten1 / gmail

(I don't like posting my e-mail so bluntly, even like this, online. Can't we just receive follow-up comments via e-mail, then it's in the system?)

Movie ,money n more ! said...

New York State theater???

snip07 said...

Tarrytown, New York


Marsha said...

Tarrytown, New York. Tarrytown Music Hall is one of the oldest surviving theatres in Westchester County.