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June 16, 2009
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Thank you for realizing the answer Bhubbel (please send us info on how to pay you) for this one was TarryTown, NY!

Did you know that in March 2007, Sleepy Hollow Mayor Philip Zegarelli met with Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell and district superintendent Dr. Howard Smith to discuss forming a blue ribbon panel that would explore the pros and cons of an inter-municipal agreement.The two villages have shared a school district for 55 years. The villages already shared some services to lower their expenses, but the greatest reductions, especially in school and property taxes, would come from merging the two villages.
The problem, Zegarelli said, is that each village has its own assessment roll. “People complain about taxes overall. In particular, they’re talking about school taxes,” he said. “By definition it's not equal. It's very important to have a standardized assessment roll.” Zegarelli, who led an unsuccessful attempt in the mid-1970s to disaffiliate Sleepy Hollow from the town of Mount Pleasant, continues to advocate for secession — Sleepy Hollow from Mount Pleasant and Tarrytown from Greenburgh — as another way to save money. “If the idea is to save money, why have two levels of government?” he asked. The town of Mount Pleasant blocked Sleepy Hollow's effort to secede, largely because it did not want to lose tax revenue from General Motors, Zegarelli said.

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