Game 31 - Think you know NY?

June 17, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

We have been working on a new system for posting answers. We thought we had one solution but it doesn't work the way that we want it to.

Riddle for location: Home of world renowned "X Y," a 1-room Z (1835)

  • X = aka the Leach Mansion
  • Y = a free open source geographical map program developed by KDE
  • Z = a building housing a school

Good luck everyone, remember the competition is fierce and they are hungry, the question is, who's the hungriest? Thing s to remember, if you're on facebook, dont forget to check and see if you have one. Also, we are 99% away from our goal of $2000.00 for our NY Silly Cares Program. Once we have reached, $2000 from our supporters we will match it. Need some money to donate? Submit a funny video that's at least 30 seconds in length and you get $100!!


snip07 said...

Eastchester, New York


Roxy VR said...

Eastchester, NY.

wellwritten1 / gmail