Game 29 - Did you enter the $100 Video Challenge?

June 15, 2009
Welcome to Game 29, we have seen a huge increase in popularity and we would like to take the time to welcome all new challengers. Our aim is to stimulate the mind while stimulating your pockets! We have daily challenges and we always provide the tools you need to succeed. All you need is an active internet connection and the ability to search on Google and Wiki. This is what we use to provide you all the information? Why would someone giving away money divulge such information. Our ultimate goal is to create knowledge and awareness about the great state of New York, the fashion capitol, the financial hub...The melting pot. We also have started collecting donations and requesting volunteers as we prepare our NY Silly Cares Campaign. As always, good luck with the riddle and we're looking forward to putting cash in your pockets! PS did you know that we are paying people to be our fans on facebook, omg! Facebook search: NYSILLY

Lets begin the game! (Advice) Its not New Mexico or Genevo

Riddle for location: This area is self proclaimed "X Y Z"
  • X = Spanish film directed by José Luis García Sánchez (1978)
  • Y = a song in the self titled album, Northern Uproar (there's only 4 songs)
  • Z = Bruce Springsteen (1985)
I think this will be the easiest riddle ever!!


snip07 said...

Geneva, New York

Movie ,money n more ! said...

New Mexico

Movie ,money n more ! said...

E-Band Street??

Bryan said...

Roscoe,NY is Trout Town USA!

Email: suppsitez/gmail

Bhubbell said...

Originally known as Westfield Flats when the Midland Railroad located its station there and now known as Roscoe, NY. It is where the Willowemoc meets the Beaverkill. Once upon a time the station had a copper weathervane in the shape of a trout ( Roscoe proudly calls itself "Trout Town USA" and annually hosts the Two-Headed Trout Dinner on April 1, to kick off the official start of the fishing season. More than you wanted to know, probably.
Burr Hubbell

Marsha said...

Roscoe, NY is Trout Town, USA

Roxy VR said...

Geneva, NY?

Roxy VR said...

Lake Ontario in NY?