Game 37 - Think you know NY?

June 24, 2009
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Okay this one I've been trying to find information on. Since I cant Im going to post a hint and Im going to ask for your assistance in providing some history on it. Well here it goes:

Riddle for location: The town we need history for is XY, Z.

  • X = a written record of messages sent or received
  • Y = the third installment of the Awakening Land trilogy
  • Z = a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies ( Easier than you think!)
Remember to tell your friends about us, we're gonna run a facebook campaign next week to increase the fan base. Why not, lol. It means more money for you!! Oh and post scriptum:
Remember to include some history once you found the city, its not mandatory and does not affect your payout. Actually, you know what. Yes it does, if you're the first person and you get it, Ill double your payout, this is America, no one ever works for free!!


Bhubbell said...

Hmmm, can't find anything about this place,
but you are looking for Logtown, NY, in the Town of Greenville, Orange County.

Bhubbell said...

Logtown appears on the 1908 USGS Map
But - where did the name come from?
Why has it persisted?
Who named it?
Is there a log? (Baton Rouge has a stick - shouldn't Logtown have a Log?) Inquiring minds with too much time on their hands want to know!!!

Marsha said...

Logtown, NY is a community located in Orange County

"Logtown," so called from the fact that the logs cut there were run down West creek, which empties into the Mohawk at Auriesville. Logtown was never an organized village, but was a central meeting place for the pioneers for a great many years. It was the scene of some of the early Indian conflicts with the settlers. The settlement was patriotic and furnished soldiers for the revolution, and Peter Hall with his neighbors did some private disciplining of Tories, on their own account, which led the crown authorities to offer rewards for their apprehension.

My Healthy Coffee Co. ™ said...

Logtown, NY

-Logtown is a community or populated place (Class Code U6) located in Orange County at latitude 41.343 and longitude -74.598 (Logtown Panoramio Photos). The elevation is 846 feet. Logtown appears on the Unionville U.S. Geological Survey Map.