So LogTown was the answer....

June 25, 2009
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Thanks for all of our players and the information they provided. As mentioned the winner would be paid double if they provided valuable information. Although Bhubbel did provide the correct answer, it was Marsha who provided some history of Logtown, New York:

Logtown, NY is a community located in Orange County. "Logtown," so called from the fact that the logs cut there were run down West creek, which empties into the Mohawk at Auriesville. Logtown was never an organized village, but was a central meeting place for the pioneers for a great many years. It was the scene of some of the early Indian conflicts with the settlers. The settlement was patriotic and furnished soldiers for the revolution, and Peter Hall with his neighbors did some private disciplining of Tories, on their own account, which led the crown authorities to offer rewards for their apprehension.

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