Yahoo, we have our two winners!!

June 23, 2009
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Well that was fun , I know Brhubbel was glad to find out they were next after Snip07 . The hamlet was Sugar Loaf, however we were looking for the town which is Chester, NY. Congrats to all that played however.

A little bit about Chester, NY:

The town was first settled around 1721. The town of Chester was organized in 1845 from parts of the towns of Blooming Grove, Goshen, Monroe, and Warwick. The economy of the early town was based on dairy products. Sugar Loaf – The oldest community in the town, predating Chester town by more than a century (1738). The hamlet is home to the famous racing horse Hambletonian.

Thank you for visiting our sponsor (Perfume by VG), the next game will commence soon...Oh and here's a link given to us (it's safe we check it out) that has some really neat canvas paintings of the Sugar Loaf!! Next game will commence soon.


*josie* said...

congrats to the winner!

Bill said...

congrats and also dropping EC and clicking Adgi