Game 20 -Think you know NY

June 04, 2009
Raffle worked out okay, I guess. The recipient failed to claim their prize however.
Welcome all you silly New Yorkers to Game 20!! Over $100 paid out so far!

Riddle of location: called the "X of Y" in Z County

  • X = An album by Luna Sea (1990's)
  • Y = A song by self titled album Northern Uproar
  • Z = School founded in NY by E.A. Sheldon (1860's)
Couple of things
  1. We have 70 facebook fans! 5 more to start unofficial daily prize drawing. 30 more to start official daily prize drawing.
  2. 805 Tickets are left / Grand Prize $300 --- Many, well just two minor prizes: Pay half of phone bill.
  3. Have any ideas feel free to email them to us ideas(@)


Marsha said...

Mexico, NY...the 'mother' of 'towns' in Oswego County.