Congrats to Game 20's Winner!

June 04, 2009
The correct location pointed out by our winner is Mexico, NY! Now you can be born a "Mexican" without being born in "Mexico"!

In a history of Oswego county, Mexico may be appropriately termed "the mother of towns." It is the oldest civil division in this county, and has the unique distinction of having been twice formed by legislative enactment. The act originally creating it from Whitestown, Herkimer county, was passed April 10, 1792, and provided as follows:

And be it further enacted that all that part of Whitestown, aforesaid, bounded on the east by the east boundaries of the Military Tract (so called), and a line drawn north from the mouth of Canaseraga Creek across Oneida Lake to Lake Ontario; south by Tioga county; west by the west bounds of the townships Homer, Tully, Marcellus, Camillus, Lysander, and Hannibal, of the said Military Tract, and north by Lake Ontario, be erected into a separate town by the name of Mexico.

The first town meeting "shall be held at the house of Benjamin Morehouse." Apparently this provision was not carried out. The first Mexico, as thus constituted, comprised the present counties of Onondaga and Cortland, and all of Oswego lying west of the aforementioned line, which would strike a point near the northwest corner of Williamstown. March 5, 1794, Onondaga county was formed from Herkimer, and an the same day Lysander, including that part of the county of Oswego lying west of Oswego River, was erected into a township. At this time nearly all of the settlers were located in Onondaga county, leaving but three or four families in this town, and consequently the erection and organization of the original Mexico was abandoned for a time.
For more information , visit History of Mexico, NY.

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