Congrats Game 19 Winner

June 04, 2009
That was a correct answer, saying the answer that you gave was correct. You have correctly answered the riddle for this question. The answer submitted by you was correct. This correct location was Ellenville, NY.

Things sort of went like this before the town was created:

The first building erected in what is now the center of the village was built around 1798 by Alpheus Fairchild, who moved west from Connecticut. However, in what is now the eastern-most part of the Village, the Bodley homestead most likely stood well before the Revolution, as did portions of the Bevier and Sax farms. Originally named "Fairchild City," or just "The City," after Alpheus Fairchild, who bought most of today's village in 1798 from John A. DeWitt, Fairchild had a dwelling erected on part of the site where the George and John R. Hunt Memorial Building stands today. Nathan and Maria Hoornbeek bought the dwelling and enlarged it, converting it into an inn. The Hoornbeek Tavern was a gathering place for the citizens and many important decisions about the community were made at meetings held there. Indeed, the decision to change the name of the community to "Ellenville" was proposed at the Hoornbeek Tavern. Village leaders, unable to agree upon a new name, were persuaded by Ellen Snyder, Maria Hoornbeek's sister, to name the village after her.

Charles Hartshorn came to "The City" to try a case in the Hoornbeek Tavern in 1823, and liked the community so much he decided to stay. He was young, energetic, and forceful. He opened the first store in 1823, led the drive to choose a "real" name for the community, and applied to the federal government for approval of a post office. (He was named the first postmaster in 1823.) He erected a home for his family on the former site of the Hoornbeek Tavern and was elected first President of the newly-incorporated village of Ellenville in 1856.

Noted American composer Homer Newton Bartlett resided at 32 Maple Avenue in Ellenville for many years during the late 19th century. Just north of the village, the Joseph Y. Resnick Airport (N89) is named in honor and memory of U.S. Congressman Joseph Yale Resnick, a Wawarsing native. Ellenville Regional Hospital, just north of the airport, and the Nevele Tower, just south of the village, were both dedicated by then-President Lyndon Baines Johnson, at Congressman Resnick's request. Two other U.S. Congressman were from Ellenville: Isaac Newton Cox and Joseph Hasbrouck Tuthill.

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