Game 19

June 03, 2009
Are we ready for game 19? Remember the raffle tickets are still available, we have 900/1000 left. Grand prize is three months of your cell phone bill paid. If you do not own a cell phone, we'll give you $300!! The rest of the monies collected will go towards funding: NY SILLY CARES PROGRAM.

Riddle for location:
This village was named after X Y's Z.

  • X = a song from the Broadway musical West Side Story
  • Y = "noisy brook" Dutch translation (hint: noisy starts with H and brook starts with B)
  • Z = a song by Irving Berlin (1954)
Good luck everyone. Raffle winner has been posted. If that is your name email us! We'll give you the confirmation code to put on the fan page to verify it is you, once you have done that, we will disperse payment.


Marsha said...

Ellenville, NY