Congrats to Game 18 Winner!!

June 03, 2009
You've done it, the correct answer was Pine Bush, NY!! That was so simple that it was hard, lol. The riddle was the location! Please remember to include email address when posting, as we do not retain email addresses.

Pine Bush, NY

The community was one of the four early nineteenth century settlements in the town. It has previously been known as "Shawangunk," "Crawford," and "Bloomfield." Currently, there is another community called "Crawford," located to the northwest in bordering Orange County.

Something crazy....
Though sightings of UFOs in and around Pine Bush date back to the 1950s, the period of time between the late 1970s and the early 1990s saw a huge increase in UFO activity throughout the Town of Crawford area, as well as within, or near, the Village of Pine Bush proper. At one point in the mid-1980s, UFO sightings along West Searsville Road was nearly a nightly event. Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts would line the road each night and revel in the shooting blobs of colored light that would streak across the sky at absurd rates of speed. The crush of sight-seekers became so intense that travel along the road was hampered, leading local authorities to pass a special ordinance prohibiting parking along the otherwise rural stretch of road. Local long-time residents interviewed in 2003 still remembered the throngs of UFO enthusiasts, parked every summer night in front of their houses, sitting in lawnchairs with early-model video cameras at the ready. Other long-time area residents on the other side of town also have testified to witnessing unexplained bright-colored lights seen through local forest trees late at night. Two residents interviewed testified to being restrained in their bed with a harmless "force field" while non-verbal communications were expressed directly into their conscious thought, warning them not to open their eyes or else "they would be afraid". When the "force-field" was lifted, the interviewee and her husband both sprang from their bed in time to see a medium-sized saucer-shaped craft with colored perimeter lights and tiny white orbiting tracers slowly lift off from the adjacent field and into the low cloud cover.
In more recent years, Pine Bush UFO sightings have dropped off considerably, though a die-hard group of enthusiasts still maintain vigils at such areas at the Old Jewish Cemetery along Route 52 between Pine Bush and Walden, NY. Monthly meetings of a local UFO sightings group still take place every first Wednesday at 8 P.M. in nearby Walker Valley at a cozy little venue known as the Little Blue Schoolhouse. Such has been the strong association between Pine Bush and UFOs that some local businesses have capitalized on the perception, notably the Cup and Saucer Diner (as in UFO saucer), and Butch's famous UFO barber shop right on the main street in town; it is a colorful, old-fashioned establishment, packed with local UFO memorabilia and photographs.

Now you can get a glimpse at the unknown without going to Area 51!!

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