Game 18 - For real this time!

June 02, 2009
LOL, this is the real deal game 18. I know we mentioned everywhere it was 18 already and got some complaints, our bad!!

As promised if this wasn't solved by today, I was going to add some more information to make it better and easier to solve...

Riddle for location: X Y, Z.

X = To have a desire/ Rhymes with serpentine
Y = mail order car/ A president...
Z = Album by Lou Reed/ Title of song on album Black Fingernails, Red Wine / Magazine named after a state

Good luck to everyone again! We will send some volunteers soon to help spread the word of NY Silly via a special plan we have, probably next week. Added a raffle, all proceeds go toward the raffle winnings and to support our NY Silly Cares Program.

There's alot of changes going on the website, dont pay this no mine. We've been allowing people to advertise their business for very very cheap and we have been deleting expiring sponsors to give others a chance to advertise. We dont want this to become a big adspot. So things gonna be always moving around, lol.

Also we have decided to add some games in the mix which can be viewed at the bottom, its cool. We might add tetris or snakes!!


Joyce said...

No idea

Hedge Hog said...

thats okay if no one gets it today i will post better hints and occassionally i might say keywords like, you silly "new yorker" think out the "box" , lol some might say im just beating around the "bush".

Anonymous said...

that doesnt tell me nothing :(

Joyce said...

hey, you changed the clues.

Pinebush, New York?

I was thinking Jones something. :-)