And we have a winner!

June 08, 2009
I guess those hints really help people out. Remember, we're here to educate and stimulate (those bank accounts that is!)

And the winner guessed our location for yesterday's Challenge was Monroe, NY!

The town was part of the "Cheesecocks Patent." It was created in 1799 as the Town of Cheesecocks. The name became "Monroe" after 1818. So that it would seem as though the town of Monroe started out as simply being called Cheescocks or the Cheesecocks Patent area, which remained largely wild prior to the Revolution.Then parts of it began to be named after the earliest landowners such as the Smith's Clove area, which was named after William Smith, and then Galloway's, which was named after the settler who erected the log cabin that Washington temporarily called his home.Then in 1801, the town's name was changed to "Southfields," and then in 1808 the name of "Munroe," which apparently was changed to Monroe in 1818 to honor the President of the same name.In 1889, a final division of the town resulted in a loss of territory to the Towns of Woodbury and Tuxedo. In 1894, the community of Monroe set itself apart from the town by incorporating as a village.

And did you know that the town is the birthplace of Velveeta and Liederkranz Cheese. Each year a cheese festival is held to honor this noble history.

Game 24 will commence soon. Have people ever told you that you were funny, funny looking, or should be on America's Most Funniest Videos? Well you can, sort of. We decided to have a NY SILLIEST AND FUNNIEST VIDEO CONTEST worth $100.00!!! OMG EASY money...we'll see. Submission is FREE, yes FREE ENTRY, so just email your videos to .

Video submission criteria : longer than 30 seconds, shorter than 2 minutes, goodluck!