Game 24 - think you know NY?

June 08, 2009
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Do you think you know NY? Do you really really know NY? I don't think so, lets put our money where our hands are.... Posted some better hints

Riddle for location: During the X for Independence, this was the site of a Y army Z.

= war in the US during American Revolutionary period. (A war that's American...)
Y = ancient Celtic language / Being from Britain
Z = temporary living quarters/camp specially built by the army for soldiers

LOOK==Major Hint Below==BELOW

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====>>> Major Hint : The location is also the same name as a bass guitar company in Germany owned by Hans-Peter Wilfer (1982)<<<====


Marsha said...

Woodside, Queens, NY? It was the site of a British Army bivouac, during the struggle for Independence.

Marsha said...

Yet, there's still another that's more famous, in Yorktown,NY: the French Army Bivouac at Pines Bridge.

Marsha said...

If I must choose one, I shall go with the French, since 'bivouac' is a French word.

eli said...

hi! nysilly,

thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. i appreciate it. i'm not here to answer your riddle because i don't know the answer, but i also visit your blog, sometime to click on the adgitize ads, and read your posts. regards.


Hedge Hog said...

Not correct as of yet... Facebook fans got a treat earlier, check their and here and compare the clues. Some are not as straight forward as others.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Major clue, indeed...for Warwick, NY!

Sometimes when there are multiple answers available, the game gets very difficult!