Game 23 - Post answer. Get paid. That simple!

June 07, 2009
Welcome to Game 23, we like handing out money. Posted new hints to help the challenge be solved.

Riddle for location: As part of the Z X , was created in 1799 as the Y of Z.

X = exclusive right to an idea or design
Y = a novel written by Conrad Richter (1950's)
Z = uncircumcised penis / (Two part word: Processed Dairy Product + a type of bird)

Facebook fans, do you see your name? If so, you need to email us so you can get paid! We will be having a sortof YouTube contest. The silliest and funniest video. We will let you know when to start submitting. Its gonna be a long process...well not really, but just know the Grand Prize will be $100. Your peers will rate your video, so have fun! Start getting your material ready because you might have to submit three works.


Bhubbell said...

Town of Monroe, Orange County
As part of the Cheesecocks Patent, was created in 1799 as the Town of Cheesecocks. Known for being the home of Velveeta Cheese.