New Challenge : I spy!

May 10, 2009
Hello everyone, due to the sites increased popularity I have gotten some feedback that some people really would love to play but are unable due to state locations. So I decided to add a slight variation of the game. This makes it more available and somewhat easier to get prizes.


The process to it is simple. Theres stages, each stage puts everyone closer to a final answer. Here are the stages, the final one being the money maker. Also I will not be limiting this to boroughs anymore but nearly statewide.

  • Stage 1 : Guess which city.
  • Stage 2: Guess which county/neighborhood.
  • Stage 3: Spot location. Name the streets.
First game will begin shortly. Check back often. :P In the meantime, dont forget the Race to 10k Comments! Its worth big money $$$. Lets just say there are 3 digits before the decimal point (ex. $???.00)