Stage 1 of I spy

May 10, 2009
Welcome all to a better version of the original game. With more enhancements comes a greater reward. How is payouts calculated? Each stage is worth $ however you only get paid if you get the last one as well. SO if you guess the first and second, you do not get paid. You guess the last, you get paid for the last. You guess all 3, you get paid for 3.
  • this city located in the state of new york is located in an area called mohawk valley.
  • this city was first settled by the European in 1773.
  • This city has also be coined the "2nd chance"
This is the 1 of 3 questions, good luck.


Marsha said...

I hope these three answers are sufficient, since there's no intersection stated:

1. Utica NY is the city.
2. It is in Oneida County
3. Utica has been dubbed "The Second Chance City" due to it's influx of immigrants.

Marsha said...

Actually, I have woken up enough to reread the, I guess my answer would be for THE FIRST STAGE only [although the county is known, the neighboorhood isn't...yet!].

Anonymous said...

Rome-Utica Ny / Oneida county/
Utica-The 2nd chance city