Break today! Happy Mothers Day in Advance to all Moms.

May 09, 2009
Hey everyone I did not have time to post a location, was doing last minute shopping for a mother's day gift! I know I know naughty boy. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and post and be more vigilant. Also I would like some feedback from you subscribers. Let me know how you like the website, what changes need to be made and what other challenges should I implement. I am open to all and any ideas you have, as long as it is legal.

Also has anyone had luck with Pacman, I scored 50,000. I was playing for like 3 hours straight, I guess Im not a gamer. I also brought me an XBOX 360 and GTA IV and Street Fighter. I like it alot. Hmmm what else what else, had some spaghetti and meatballs tonight, I am still hungry though.

Also I was considering, hmmm, nvm just let me hear what you have to say.


Marsha said...

Have a well deserved holiday with family, and, enjoy your new games while you can. Think of a new challenge in the meantime!

I am terrible at Pacman.