Congrats are in order!

May 09, 2009
Congratulations to our winner Kathy! The location " Ikea parking lot " is correct. The puns were all related to tv shows that were contestant based and awarded prizes. Unlike them, there's no paper work to sign and no fees.
Your money is your money.
We'll have the next location promptly today. Hmmm, also been working on another website, gonna share that with yall another time. Not right now though - why bother mentioning it? I dont know.

YouTube - I havent forgotten, Im just trying to figure out the most effective way to do it. But I will be making a webomercial. A word I made up meaning a commercial on the web. Feel free to use it.

Im always looking for new ways to make the website more interactive, well the challenge, not the website. lol. I might host an event this summer. Grand Prize , I dunno. LOL I might, depends on what I have to do to go about it, as far as permits and stuff. Payment within the next hour Kathy, gotta look for your email. I need better record keeping.


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