Game 56 - Daily Cash Challenge

July 19, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Thanks Mond, I thought Bhubbel would have guess Mechanicville, New York especially since he had just mentioned it =) We are so excited that the weekend is almost over! Why, you ask? Because - WE CAN START ISSUING PAYOUTS AGAIN WOOOOOT!!! It's been since game 46 that we had to stop payments and almost 20 games later we can issue again, which is the whole point of this website.

unscramble me = oidmadsna
  • two extra letters
  • first settled in 1791
  • was commonly referred to as "Riceville"
As always good luck and stay silly! :> (That's a weird looking smiley face, but then again we're weird for giving away money, lol)


Mond said...



Grace said...

Addison - but I cheated and looked it up. Also there is currently a town in NY named Riceville - just sayin'

Grace said...

BTW - I have no idea what this "using this format: = example/email" represents

Bhubbell said...

OK, so I missed Mechanicville - I had other things to do :)
Today's is Addison, NY in Steuben county -
Please hold all further contests until Saturday, July 26, as I will be in the remote state of Maine with no electronic communications available.

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