Game 55 - New games, more cash to win!

July 17, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Did you catch this challenge's headlines? New game? Wonder what's that all about? We will tell you in a bit, lets congratulate our winner Mond and for also guessing the controversy of the town. The Oneida tribe had purchased a portion of the land (Sherril, NY) and claimed they didn't have to pay taxes. (1997 -

Unscramble me = icnhleecaliv
  • missing one letter
  • name comes from the early settlers, who were independent master-craftsmen such as millers, carpenters, or butchers
  • the oldest continuously-operating hydroelectric plant in the United States (1898)

Oh so you're interested in the new game we added? We partnered up with eBay and decided to allow you to place bids on cash. Right now we're testing it out, if it goes great, we'll increase the amount. =) We fixed our payment system and now we have to add some cash to it. We only limit it to $1000.00 because we do not fully trust PayPal, seen to many horror stories about their holding money tactics. Payments will be paid once account is verified and funds are transferred.


Mond said...

Mechanicville, NY


The Daily Rant said...

Mechanicville, NY


danny said...

cool site:)

Maxim Mixam said...