Game 57 - We know NY but do you?

July 20, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Addison, NY - Thanks for the answer Mond. Sorry Grace there's no cheating allowed in this game, because it nearly impossible to cheat. 'but I cheated and looked it up" - Did you use the google search tool at the top so you could just copy and paste =) We want you to win, we want to give away money...

unscramble me = snmaei
  • one correct letter has been substituted with the wrong letter
  • derived from a Latin word meaning "pleasant to eye"
  • the town was first settled around 1704
  • was part of the Great 9 Partners Patent (1697)
Just waiting for paypal to verify our account and we are back in business!


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No I never noticed your search bar - I used regular google and searched for NY town settled in 1791 -

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