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June 19, 2009
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Snip07 was very quick on the draw and pointed out Pearl River, New York.

Some history -
Pearl River was originally called "Muddy Creek". In the early 1870s, the town was divided in five different parts: Naurashaun, Middletown, Sickletown, Pascack and Muddy Brook. According to historians, a resident of the town by the name of Dr. Ves Bogert found pearls in mussels in the Muddy Creek, which runs through the town, thus naming the town Pearl River.

Pearl River was a deserted area purchased by Julius E. Braunsdorf in 1870. It is said that Braunsdorf was the "Father of Pearl River" and designed it to be a company town.His first act was to donate a long strip of land right through the center of his property to the New Jersey and New York Railroad to enable them to bring an extension of the line from Hillsdale, New Jersey north to Nanuet.

When Braunsdorf designed the street layout, the only existing streets were Pearl Street and Washington Avenue. He drew a wide main street through the middle of town and called it Central Avenue. Parallel to Central Avenue he drew Franklin, after his hero, Benjamin Franklin. To connect Washington, Central, and Franklin he drew three streets and named them William, John and Henry after his three sons.

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Nice Blog THINK YOU KNOW NY?? keep it Up : )