Game 34 - Are you a facebook fan?

June 20, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Sorry was a little late in posting but here it is. Installed google search so you can quickly copy and paste to find the answers. Good luck as always everyone. Stick in there, we might be boosting payouts soon!!

Riddle for location: With the completion of the X in Y, connecting this town with Z in Westchester County. (Happy Father's Day - here's a freebie (Town of Orangetown Rockland County)
  • X = a cantilever bridge across the Hudson River
  • Y = name of a hip-hop music album by Soul-Junk (1998 )
  • Z = a village in the town of Greenburgh
Answer still not found. Remember once you solve the x, y,z you need to find out what town the riddle is talking about. Plug it into google search, thats why we put it there, to make it easier for you.

People have been asking for a little more information concerning the $100 Silliest Video Contest. Here's details:

  1. Get a video recorder and make a short video thats funny (approx. 30 sec - 2 minutes long)
  2. Upload to your pc and send in an email to
  3. Tell your friends about it so they can rate you.
  4. Once we receive the 50th video, there will be 30 days rating period.
  5. (The earlier you submit the better chance you'll have at winning)
  6. We will choose two of the best videos.
  7. They make another video and the winner takes all.
  8. Loser gets ........TBA......


snip07 said...

Ardsley, New York

My Healthy Coffee Co. ™ said...

Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge


My Healthy Coffee Co. ™ said...

Town of Orangetown Rockland County


Movie ,money n more ! said...

South Nyack

snip07 said...

Nyack, New York