We have a winner!!

June 19, 2009
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You did it Roxy VR - you won!! Thanks Bhubbel for that informative comment you made! The correct location was Congers, NY.

Some history:

Congers was settled in the late 1600's by the Dutch, German and English settlers. Congers, named after Abraham B. Conger, settled in the late 1600's by the Dutch, German and English settlers and was known as Cedar Grove Corner and then Waldberg, which in German means "forest mountain".
In the 1800's the Congers railroad station, three churches, a school, the firehouse and the Central and Globe hotels were built. The Clarktown Dutch Reformed Church still stands at the corner of Congers Road and Kings Highway. Kings Highway was the first major road in the county and for many years the only road from New York to Albany.
Today exists nine recognized structures with historical markers dating back to the 1700's including the DeBaum House on Kings Highway, the Smith House on Gilchrest Road and the Snedeker House, where the Commander-in-chief George Washington is believed to have spent a night.

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