Game 32 - Are you a facebook fan yet?

June 18, 2009
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Riddle for location: Town was named after X Y Z. (1600's)

  • X= a biblical patriarch who regarded as "father of faith"
  • Y= to _ or not to _
  • Z= large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters
We are almost at 100 facebook fans, finally. We have also have been getting some press from websites across the net. Who knows, we might just boost the payout rate!!


Roxy VR said...

Congers, NY.

Wellwritten1 / gmail

snip07 said...

Congers, New York


Bhubbell said...

The hamlet of Congers, NY in the Town of Clarkstown, Rockland County, settled in the late 1600s was originally known as Cedar Grove Corner and then Waldberg before being named Congers after Abraham Bogart Conger a member of the New York State Senate from 1852-53.

Movie ,money n more ! said...

The town is Lincoln in Illinois