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June 05, 2009
Game 21 has been solved, if you did not know Albany was not always the state capitol.

The City of Kingston was first called Esopus after a local Indian tribe, then Wiltwyck. It was one of the three large settlements in New Netherlands, the other two being Beverwyck and the Manhattans, centered around New Amsterdam In 1777 Kingston became the first capital of New York. Shortly after the Battle of Saratoga, the city was burned by British troops moving up the Hudson River from New York City, disembarking at the mouth of the Rondout Creek on the formation the Dutch had named Ponck Hockie.
The area was a major granary for the colonies at the time, so the British burned large amounts of wheat and all but one or two of the buildings. There is some debate over exactly how much of a fight was put up against the British; one third of the local militia regiment was still to the north at Saratoga, and one third was to the south manning several forts (which were captured days before by the British). This would have left approximately 150 militiamen to defend the city against approximately 2,000 British regulars. In 1797, the capital was reestablished at Albany.

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