Game 22

June 05, 2009
Welcome to Game 22. Home of the daily facebook fan payout, the daily challenge payout and soon to be the monthly $400 raffle!

Riddle for location:
The town is named after X Y, the daughter of Z.

  • X = Alternative rockband from Chicago (1985 - 1998)
  • Y = a town in upstate New York
  • Z = a NY Assemblyman (1711 - 1716) 1716 was his death.
Best approach to this answer is to solve Z and all the answers will fall into place easily.

Got this in an email from someone:


New York is a great city that has theaters, museums, libraries, churches, schools, malls, stadiums, zoos, parks, swimming pools, parades, festivals, fairs, celebrations, cultural centers, block parties, beaches, and this is only the beginning. New York is really the greatest city on the planet. New York City is really five cities in one(Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond, Queens, and the Bronx). New York is a small world because it has many great cultures that work along side each other to make New York City the greatest city on Earth. New York City is a great sightseeing destination because tourists can learn and see so much about the world just by visiting New York City. In addition, JFK airport is one of the greatest in the world, Coney Island in a great historical destination and a great place for families, Bronx Zoo is another great place for families, and in one word New York Silly rules.


Marsha said...

This one really made my brain ache: Pawling, New York.