Game 4 Stage 2

May 16, 2009
Good job Marsha, the city is Delhi, NY. Now we enter into the second phase, can Marsha get this answer correct or will a newcomer still the thunder from her?

Street 1
  • in poetic meter is a point in a line where a break in a word-unit cannot occur.
  • a card game

Street 2
  • Before the European settlers, was residence to the Algonquian tribe called Unami Lenape
  • Site of Dutch settlement in 1631
Good luck everyone. Hmmm. Going to a house warming today. Also give me your thoughts on a penny raffle. Penny raffle is conducted as follows: Purchase a raffle ticket for $0.01 raffle is done every 12 hours. Let me know!


Kathy said...

Bridge Street and Delaware Ave?

Marsha said...

Eeeek! Kathy, you're one quick cousin! I just sat here figuring out the answer, not realizing you'd beat me to it. If only I hadn't dilly-dallied......

My love to Jorge and Isabella!