Congrats to Game 4's winner

May 17, 2009
Congratulations Kathy, you are the winner of Game 4. The location was Delhi, NY (Bridge & Delaware)

Some cool facts about Delhi, NY
The Town of Delhi is in the east-central part of the county. The State University of New York at Delhi is located in this town, which contains the Village of Delhi. (Note that the name is pronounced with a long "i", "Dell-high") The town is featured as the town of "Walleye" in the humorous book It Takes a Village Idiot, Complicating the Simple Life (isbn 0-7432-1131-6) by writer Jim Mullen about his problems adapting to the rural lifestyle after he and his wife buy a weekend home in the area.The town was formed from the Towns of Kortright, Middletown, and Walton March 23, 1798. The Towns Mentioned also founded later there after.

Game 5 will commence soon. Kathy please submit your email to us. Part of our privacy policy is to not retain information. Just respond to this post to collect your payment.