Twitter Talk

September 27, 2009
Hello everyone, readers and supporters alike. We would like to say welcome to our event for Twitter Talk . Post this message that you see in bold letters and you automatically qualify to be entered into our daily drawing. The winner receives $10. This drawing is held daily. Check back everyday to become a winner. If you followed this link via amazon's mechturk, then proceed to copy and paste the message.


We want to get the word out, we want to let everyone know we are here to help. Education is for everyone and we want everyone to succeed. Did you know the smarter a society the longer they live? I've invested in stocks, gambled, and realized the greatest invest I could ever make is in a child's future. It's a win win situation.

WARNING PLEASE NOTICE : MAKE SURE YOUR TWEETS ARE UNPROTECTED!! It defeats the purpose if no one can see your tweets.

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