First open post

August 14, 2009
Today marks the first day of the re-opening of our website. Please bare with us as it is still under construction. We have carefully selected a great board of directors which will take us to steps further than we could achieve with just the gaming website. I must say, we really enjoy helping people.
As you may have noticed we will no longer be hosting the trivia questions (for the moment), we want to use all of our focus on the educational assistance program as school is starting back again. However, we will post the trivia during the extended holidays and summer vacation. We will continue to host our bid for cash, comment challenge, and pacman challenge. All work and no play makes for a really dull day!
We also will be getting an ebay screen name to host our auctions. Currently all auctions are not tax-deductible, we are still awaiting approval from the IRS. If you can think of a clever acronym by all means post it.
We will be using the blog section to post helpful topics and highlight websites we come across as useful. We hope that this will be a very productive year for us, for now...Remain silly....hmm, that doesn't work well anymore, maybe its time for a new slogan:
  • NYSilly Cares - paving the way for brighter futures...

Yeah that'll work! :-)