Educational Assistance

August 18, 2009
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the website, first and foremost I would like to tell you about why the program was started. We all know about the scholarships available for teens entering college and all the assistance programs there are that is available. Often we hear someone say, there's no point in applying Im not smart enough to go to that college and get a scholarship. Who's going to pay for me to TRY? Let's knock away those barriers. Why not give a child a chance to try at academic excellence. Our program will allow without prejudice any child in grades K - 11, receive financial aid to cover the costs of tutoring, school supplies, transportation, tuition, or anything that aids in academic advancement. We will do this through our money, donations, sell of items, (just sold my mazda for $400) and once we are IRS approved, we will be able to offer tax deductions to sort of give incentive to people who would like to help. Thank you and NYSILLY appreciates your support over the past few months, and we will try to move everything along as fast as possible so that we can return to the location game as well ;)