Game 45 - Think you know know NY?

July 06, 2009
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Congrats Dave, staying ahead of the pack keeps you ahead in the game, especially when you guess the location is Capa, chappa, uh...good job guys because I cant even guess this one myself!! Let's begin the next game:

Unscramble me: esgapinsvyllr
  • in 1842, this area went by the name Pascack
  • became an official village (incorporated on 19020709
  • 22 miles north of New York City, and five miles north of the New Jersey border
  • was the site of a military parts distributor, Sarafan Auto Supply
  • (there's extra letters in the scrambled word)
As you noticed we've condensed a lot, not only does it save time, but more information is able to be passed in one post so that nothing is forgotten or omitted by accident. We are still working on NY Silly Cares Program, we are just waiting until we become an official nonprofit by the state. On Friday we will have a sign up sheet for parents or legal guardian to sign their child up for our NYSCP. Its been about 50 days since we started and we are glad to see things progressing the way they are, pat yourself on the back people. As always good luck and stay silly new yorkers! Post Script: The answer for Sunday's challenge is Chappaqua , New York.


Mond Del Rosario said...

Spring Valley, NY


snip07 said...

Spring Valley, New York

For over 50 years, Spring Valley was the site of a military parts distributor, Sarafan Auto Supply, which supplied military parts all around the world. This third-generation business became part of the community; as business expanded, it grew to take up a large portion of the industrial section of the downtown area. Recently the business moved out of Spring Valley, but the lot which it occupied still has many of the original buildings built by Jacob Sarafan in the early 1900s.


Movie ,money n more ! said...

Spring Valley

Carly K said...

Spring Valley

Kit said...

Spring Valley, New York.


The Daily Rant said...

Spring Valley, NY