Game 44 - Post answer. Get paid. That simple.

July 05, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Congrats Dave, it's a weekend challenge so payouts are worth double on the weekend! Anderson, NY was the location. Anderson is a community located in Sullivan County, New York.

Unscramble me: pqaiapuhac
Hints for location:
  • Around 1730's this area was settled by Quakers from Purchase, NY
  • This place was referred to as the "rustling land"
Did you know that there's extra letters that do not belong...Good luck everyone, did you enjoy the fireworks display on the Lower West Side of Manhattan, New York? Facebook fans, be sure that if you see your name to the left you contact the raffle email address so that we can verify and pay you!!


Movie ,money n more ! said...


Mond Del Rosario said...

Chappaqua, NY


snip07 said...

Chappaqua, New York


Ms. Latina said...

Don't know if my other comment submission went through so I'm commenting again.

I think its Chappaqua


Bhubbell said...

Chappaqua is the name of the hamlet. It is located in the town of New Castle, Westchester County.