You solved the Game!!

June 23, 2009
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Congrats to Snip07, you solved the riddle and provided the correct city, Buchanan, New York!

Something you didn't probably know:

Buchanan, New York is a quiet little upscale community you probably would have never known about had it not been for its nuclear power plants at Indian Point. Interest in shutting down Indian Point dates back to 1979 following the Three Mile Island accident. However, some industry groups have said that shutting Indian Point would put a severe strain on New York City's electricity supply. Entergy (the operator of the plant), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.), and the NRC say the plant is safe.Public health concerns about the plant have been raised by activists, specifically in terms of radioactive contamination. On February 15, 2000, the Indian Point II power plant vented a small amount of radioactive steam when an aging steam generator ruptured. The NRC initially reported that no radioactive material was released, but later changed their report to say that there was a leak, but not of a sufficient amount to threaten public safety.

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