We have a winner!!

June 30, 2009
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Manitou , NY - How was that Silly New Yorkers!! Thanks for pointing that out Kumar, we will be alternating between the two styles of the games. We may be increasing the payouts in August!! We look forward to that happening.

We are currently looking for shirt designers to make shirts for our next event for NY Silly Cares Program, if you know someone with decent rates let us know!!

Something we didn't know, but did you....Manitou is a hamlet in the southwest corner of Phillipstown. Manitou is an Algonquin word simply translated as "spirit". The east face of the Catskills along the Hudson was often referred to as the "Wall of Manitou". Thanks Brhubbel!!

Next game will be commencing soon, dont forget that if you're a facebook fan to check and see if your name has appeared on the left.