26 games completed and this makes 27

June 11, 2009
Congrats you are a silly winner (Lockheart) ...and PAID!! BHubbel you still haven't submitted your email address, please. Please remember to the post your email address when posting your comment if you want to get paid. Use this format to post email :

example@email.com = example/email

The riddle's answer was Goshen!

Some history -
Settlement began around 1714, even though plans for its settlement were made around 1654. The town was established in 1789. In 1830, part of Goshen was used to form the new Town of Hamptonburgh, and, in 1845, another part was used to form the Town of Chester. Goshen Town Hall, in the village of Goshen. The region was important in the development of harness racing.

Was your name recently called as a daily pick from facebook?? Maybe...gotta check back often. If you need the link to our various social networks we are on, visit our Homepage. The next game will be starting soon...


Lockheart said...
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NYSilly Cash Challenge said...

:D The email format for you is wz_imgillo/hotmail

One more person needs to claim their money, Bhubbel.

Lockheart said...

Got it ! Thanks ! Got to spread a word about this ! Can you delete my email info in the comment? Thanks!