Game 8 Stage 1

May 22, 2009
This one might be a doozie!

City Location Hints
  • Established in 1849
  • Named derived from Dutch "Vis Kill"
  • If you think you got the answer it gonna be wrong, remember some towns have "directional"....
Congrats again to our Game 7 winner, I thought it would never end. Hey guys let's remember to put the word out. The bigger this website becomes, well the bigger the payouts become.
Facebook fan page is coming along, still a few hundred short of our raffle. Lets keep it going guys!


Marsha said...

Any objection if I try this one?

Hedge Hog said...

Never is Marsha, its open to all people. If you can solve it by all means, do so.

Marsha said...

I think this location is East Fishkill, NY.