Game 9 - A new style!

May 23, 2009
Gonna try something a little different. We are still guessing locations, but Ive added a puzzle to this. Once you solve this, the answer will come to you.

Riddle: " x of the y z"

  • X = Place of Residence
  • Y = Four sided polygon
  • Z = A great offer
Based on the clues, plug in the hints and you will know the city.
Rewards are now worth double!

Game hints!
A description of the town will be given in the form of a riddle. Once you solve the riddle, you can then solve the question of which city. For example Tinsel Town is the city to guess. Riddle: "x of y" would be posted as the riddle
  • x= City
  • y= Cartoon Child Female Super Heroes

You solve, "Town of the Powerpuff Girls" and realize, oh that's Tinsel Town!

Assistance will be given if needed.


Anonymous said...

This new game sounds intriguing.
One question, though: what's the story with "z"? I couldn't glean this from the Powerpuff Girl example.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gleaner, i think the z is just another variable.

Anonymous said...

Is it Johnson City?

Anonymous said...

or maybe Endicott, N.Y.?

if this actually pays anything, I'll be checking back here and will give my info if necessary

Hedge Hog said...

No its not any of those cities. What hints are you using?

Marsha said...

Hum....Is "Z/a great offer" a variable in this equation?

Anonymous said...

'Home of the Square Deal' was my guess

Hedge Hog said...

Anonymous, I don't know why you're anonymous, lol. But if this was a a train i would say you're on the right track and headed on a collision course with the answer...

Marsha said...

Binghamton, NY is home of ""The Square Deal."

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