Game 7 Stage 1

May 19, 2009
Game 6 was a quick breeze, maybe Ive been going too easy on you all!

City location hints
  • Birthplace of Erie Railroad
  • Construction started in 1835
  • Z. Grey once lived here.
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Please do not post multiple answers, pick one, thanks. It just adds to confusion when the payouts come...


Marsha said...

I hope this post will not be redundant, because I posted a little while ago, only to find it has not appeared. I've tried to remember what I wrote:

Well, this one is a trick, eh?

Although Zane Grey lived in Lackawaxen, PA, the groundbreaking for their railroad--not yet associated with the Erie--was in 1828...while the Erie did not reach there until 1848.

Then we have the 1831 birthplace of the Erie, in Owego, NY. But, Zane did not live there either, from what I have gathered.

Next we have the start construction in 1835, with a ceremonial groundbreaking in 'near' Deposit, NY. But, again, I find no record on Zane Grey.

Huummm....My answer is, is........

Yikes! It seems that my research must be faulty. Obviously I am missing something. Perhaps I should hazard a guess?

My answer is: I give up!

Hedge Hog said...

Don't give up, you're on the right "track"....

Marsha Hodgson said...

Okay. I'll go with Deposit, NY only because he had ties there, and, they have a museum.

In fact, just before posting this I read this blurb: "It has been stated that Zane Grey, later famous for his Western novels, lived in Deposit " from:"Lost Villages By Mary Robinson Sive, John Jackson"