Game 6 Stage 1

May 18, 2009
Welcome to Game 6 - We are always open to new ideas. Visit our facebook fan page so that we can have 1000 members and begin our free raffle!

City Location Hints:
  • Originally called Town of Salem in 1747
  • Changed to South Salem in 1806 before its final name change
  • Home of Sarah Bishop and the Leatherman
Good luck everyone. Our fan page needs 950 more members before our daily raffle commences, invite your friends. Re-assure them that we are the silly, we are new yorkers, we are NY SILLY. No gimmicks and no fees...ever!!


Marsha said...

Lewisboro, NY

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing my name here!

Email me if you have any concerns...I'm starting to get embarrassed!