Game 3 Stage 2

May 14, 2009
The correct answer was stated by Kathy (Long Island, New York) . That was a good answer Marsha, New York was the HQ of the British North Americans but the stronghold was in Long Island.

Street 1
  • Civil War Captain.
  • Commander of a Naval Ship during 1863–1864, USS Exxex.
Street 2
  • African American Actor from Chicago that got his start in the movie: Cooley High
  • Starred in a 1993 Super Hero Film

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We are considering another challenge to be added, this one might be more physically demanding. So we want to make it as safe and fun at the same time. So its still in development.


KONMAN said...
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KONMAN said...

Townsend ,and the name from the four clues given is robert townsend ,Townsend street