Game 17 - Think you know NY?

May 31, 2009
Are you ready for Game 17? Good luck, we tried to make this one a dozy!! P.S. Congrats to the persons who realized I posted the answer to Game 16 already!!

Riddle for location: (Are you a Facebook fan? I hope so because at 3 am I will post a clue that will almost guarantee success!!)
The X Y created in Z County

X = album by the Canterbury band Soft Machine
Y= a novel written by Conrad Richter
Z= crater on Mercury

Good luck everyone, remember if you have ideas for something whether it be for the game site or the dotorg, feel free to let us know at ideas/nysilly. Also this is game 17, for some odd reason I thought it was 18, my bad...


Marsha said...

Yes, it was a doosey.

Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY "The Rock Generation Field"

Hedge Hog said...

Hmmm....that's incorrect, what were the clues you used?

Kathy said...

Monticello, Sullivan's county seat (first town)?


Hedge Hog said...

W Train is arriving to the station, anyone want to board? I see Kathy's on the right track!!

Short Stuff said...

ummm would it be fourth town in Sullivan....Liberty,NY??