Game 15

May 30, 2009
Congrats to our Game 14 winner for locating Monsey, NY, categorized in a NY Times article as a small rustic intersection with a single yeshiva.

Let's dive right into game 15!!

Riddle for location:

[Ep. 11, seg. 1] from the tv- series The X Y Z.

  • X = song written by Tom Dumont and Gwen Stefani
  • Y = Mutant character (Marvel 2099) aka X-Nation 2099
  • Z = a play by Marcel DubĂ©

Good luck everyone, and today's test run of our NY Silly Cares Program was a success. We may go full blown with it. We had alot of fun in Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Beacon, NY

Where is everyone tonight?