Game 12 - Think you know NY?

May 29, 2009
Welcome back silly New Yorkers! $25 is up for grabs since no one has posted a picture! Get posting!

Riddle for location:

This community was named after X and Y, brothers who built the Z.

  • X = a novel by E. M. Forster / a band from Canada!
  • Y = the first explorer of the anthracite fields
  • Z = this canal was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968
As always, good luck everyone. We have come along way since our picture locations in the beginning. As the site moves along, we will continue to do things better, with that being said site should gradually increase its look and our rewards will also increase. We just added a poll...never mind. With summertime coming, we might raffle a 50cc street legal motor scooter. Valued at $2000 we will have a limited raffle with only 1000 tickets for $1. This will most likely start in June and end in July. Maybe.


Ken said...

Is it Wurtsboro, NY? That place is not great, but not the wurts.

Marsha said...