Congrats to that special person that guessed Game 13!

May 30, 2009
Game 13 finished quicker than it started, great job! The location was Hamburg, NY, hence the hint, "Burger" king, lol. Great work!

Something you didn't know about Hamburg, NY:

Historical evidence shows that the area was settled originally by the Erie Indians.Some people have claimed that the name "Hamburg" was selected due to the presence of German settlers in the town, but they did not arrive until long after the town was formed and named.
Around 1805 the settlement was known as Barkerville, named after Zenas Barker, the Postmaster. On the site of this building today is the Dock at the Bay. The first landowner in the area was John Cummings, who built the first grist mill in 1806.
Around 1852, the Erie Railroad was built through the area. In 1868 the Erie County Fair came to the town and has been located there since then. In 1875 the weekly publication of the Erie County Independent began. This is now known as "The Sun". Telephone service in the area started in 1886.Hamburg Fairgrounds – The location of the Erie County Fair every August and other events throughout the year. Buffalo Raceway is inside the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds are on Route 62 north of Hamburg village.

Game 14 will commence in the afternoon, remember to invite your friends to join our fan page and to post some photos. We are currently having a little difficulty with the rating system, once we get that squared away we'll be happy. Especially since the contest officially starts, June 1st!