Congrats to our winner!

May 07, 2009
Congratulations Kathy you won yesterday's challenge! Your answer : Valentino Pier is correct! Now about that payment, we clicked on your profile and there is no information whatsoever! Do you have a PayPal account? Please send us the email so we can send you your money!!

Gonna wait until tomorrow morning before I post the next location. Please if anyone knows Kathy please tell her to email us her payment email.

New challenge will be posted soon. This is a 5 borough challenge so don't be amazed when you see its not in Brooklyn anymore!

PacMan challenge is still available! Payout is 3x the location challenge! You have to hold that number one spot for at least 45 minutes!


Kathy said...

Here I am!
What's your email address so I can send you mine?


Hedge Hog said...